It is a divisive time in the galaxy. For some the supreme leader is making the galaxy great again. But others feel suffocated under the weight of his authoritarian boot. Our ideological differences break relationships between neighbors and families.

What Unites Us?

Yet at core, we want the same things. We all want a galaxy with clean air to breathe and good schools for our children. We dream of planets with less strife and more love.

Saturday 17 June ’17

Love Beach, Saturday 17 June, Solstice Weekend. Join us in Los Angeles, London, or start a Love Beach city of your own. Go to a beach, or buy a bag of sand. Print a photo of yourself, print the words “I love you” on it, and plant it in the sand at Love Beach.

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Join me at the Venice Beach Art Walls on Saturday 17 June ’17. Let’s remind ourselves that what matters most is our love for friends, for family, for strangers, for humanity. Bring a photo of yourself and print the words “I Love You” on it. I’ll be at the Art Walls between 10am & 7pm. 1800 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA.

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